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About me

HI, welcome!

My name is Mariet Brans van Stipdonk, and I love to tell you more about me and my creative live.

01. concepts

I love to create concepts. Think of colour concepts, collection concepts ( for example right balance between NOS and fashion) etc.

02. Professional

With more then 20 years of experience in the fashion world. I’ve designed many collections from scratch till ready made product.

03. targetgroup

I’ve worked for many brands. Over the years I am an expert in translating trends to the right targetgroup.

Proven Success

Creativity takes courages-Henri Matisse


Hi, nice to meet you!

Mariet Brans

owner Studio Stip

I am enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate and always looking for the right balance between creativity and commercial aspects.


My experience over the years

Team player

I flourish in teams. We draw all together, each person from here or his own expertise, the collection to a higher level.


Creativity is more then just being different..making the simple awesomely simple, that’s creativity

Facts & Figures

Analyses facts & figures and bring it into new collection with the right new trends

commercial balance

Find the perfect commercial balance between NOS & fashion.


I step into the targetgroup and from there I start designing a collection

single piece

It is not about a single piece, it’s about the total collection

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